Corepunk background



All the quests from Corepunk.

Values were collected in game during Alpha 2.

Herbal crafting
Jahri roots
Extraterrestrial Flora: A Journey of Discovery
Jasper wilde
Predator in tall grass
A Spark in the Dark140
Maxwell sterling
Brave new world140
Zikk clankwhistle
Newcomer paperwork1
Zikk clankwhistle
To the Moon, via the Fields165
Zoltar blipchain
Road to Riverrise1500
Zugg clankwhistle
Repairing the reaper1100
Quadro sentinel 4 0
A special meal for Timmy1
Marigold thornbuckle
Two much colour2100
Blink 1n
Baking Independence250
Martha big mamma potterson
Brave new world - Welfare program250
Zikk clankwhistle
Brave new world - Baking independence265
Martha big mamma potterson
Brave new world - Crafting proficiency250
Martha big mamma potterson
Gnat a problem3150
Elara brightfall
Feed the Flock365
Granny hilde
Greta's Grudging Gourd Gathering375
Greta grubb
Eggs for Breakfast3150
Guru david
Brews and Blues365
Paddy olantern