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What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is one of the 4 crafting professions in Corepunk.

In Alchemy everything is both simple and interesting. You’ll get to craft all kinds of consumables that give temporary buffs: you’ll be making medicines, vaccines, and ointments, as well as rolling joints, and doing a whole lot else.

Alchemy can be combined well with Herbalism to harvest required materials.

Corepunk alchemy

See, the deal is, I'm supposed to be this alchemy master, teaching newcomers the ropes. In reality, I can barely tell a mana potion from a beer.

Percival Beamish

Mastery levels

Each mastery level grants various bonuses and perks, including:

  • Newbie: +1 additional buff when using consumables.
  • Journeyman: +2 additional buff when using consumables.
  • Craftsman: +3 additional buff when using consumables. Reducing crafting time by 2 seconds.
  • Expert: unknown
  • Master: unknown

Crafted consumables

All regeneration values are relative. Regeneration increases with HP and Mana pool.

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