Corepunk background


Masters of disguise, Snipers don't give enemies the chance to get close — nor to survive. When faced with Snipers on the battlefield, all their victims usually manage to glimpse before their deaths is a muzzle flash. Snipers are extremely foresightful, and with pinpoint accuracy, they know exactly how much time they need to reload or chamber a cartridge. Each shot must kill or severely injure an enemy, reducing their movement speed. The price they pay for any mistake may be their lives. When Snipers meet an extremely dangerous enemy, they use Magnum cartridges.

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sniper icon


  1. sniper - q ability icon
    The Sniper fires in a target direction, dealing physical damage (Dexterity) to the first enemy hit. Hitting a target reduces their armor for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
    Additional effect from Magnum cartridges: The shot damages all enemies it hits in its path, slowing them.
    Cast time:
    13 meters
    Armor reduction:
  2. sniper - w ability icon
    The Sniper chambers a cartridge.
    This ability can be cast while the Sniper is moving. The Sniper's attack speed reduces the cast time of the ability.
    Cast time:
    0.5 seconds
  3. sniper - e ability icon
    The Sniper aims and fires at an enemy, dealing physical damage (Attack Power). The cooldown resets on an enemy kill.
    Additional effect from Magnum cartridges: the ability always deals critical damage.
    Cast time:
    0.4 seconds
    18 meters
    15 seconds
  4. sniper - r ability icon
    The Sniper loads a magazine of Magnum cartridges. Shots gain additional effect for 10 seconds.
    Cast time:
    90/80/70/60 seconds
  5. Special ability
    Activating the special ability allows the Sniper to place a tracking totem that reveals a small area within the fog of war.

    Passive: The Sniper can't basic attack. To fire, a cartridge must be chambered. After 5 shots, the Sniper must reload, which takes 1.5 seconds (Attack Speed).

    If the Sniper stands still for 3 seconds, they become invisible. When the Sniper moves or casts an ability, the invisibility effect ends.

    Using the Q or E ability grants bonus movement speed.