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Patch notes v1.0.0.0

16 December 2023 at 12:02patch-notes



We’ve been working for a long time to host this event. This is our first public alpha test. The game is still in development, so there are a LOT of things that we still want to improve, add, and fix. So please be understanding of the current quality of the game.


We are testing the initial player experience, so the game area is limited. If you hear whispering "come back", that means you have reached the restricted zone, and you should turn back. The gameplay mostly happens in the west part of the start location map. The east part is still locked. We are using a combination of voice acting and AI-generated voices. To link an item in chat, use LShift + RMB on the item in your inventory. To split a stack of items in your inventory, use Shift + LMB on the stack. Hold LShift for more information in Tooltips. If there's something on the ground, hold LAlt to display names for the items.


Press "Z" to toggle Autorun. Press "L" to unlock/lock the camera. Press "Tab" to center the camera on your character. You can turn on Smart Cast in the game settings. You can use Attack Click with A + LMB (without Smart Cast). In settings, you can set up Attack nearest enemy to the hero or to the cursor. Press "P" to toggle the ability to attack other players in PvP zones. Use T to activate a Special Ability if it can be activated.


To apply a Rune to an artifact, click RMB on it in the inventory, and then LMB on an artifact you want to apply it to. Then equip the artifact. Press LCtrl + RMB on a weapon to open weapon Incrustation window. This window is in a very early prototype state.


You can use chat commands \invite PlayerName to invite someone to the group. If you get migrated to another shard you’ll see a loading screen. You can use the \leave command to leave the group. You can use the Ping System to communicate with your party members. Hold Left Ctrl or Left Alt and drag your cursor to any side with LMB pressed.


The aggro behavior of mobs is broken when they are pursuing players; this will change in the following tests. Chat is buggy: Party chat and Area chat work only within 60 meters. But you can see your party members on the World map no matter the distance. IMPORTANT: Sometimes other people can see your party chat messages. You can't apply more than one rune in Hero artifacts' action slots, but it should work for up to 3 from the inventory. Currently, some game settings are not working correctly (for example, button bindings). Last minute bug: mini-map sometimes disappear, you need to re-enter the game.


If you have any critical issues send us an email to

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